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So how does it work?

Someone in your group finds an available date on our                    and emails the Student Leader to reserve. You will then plan, buy, and prepare the meal to be served.

This usually consists of an entree, one or two sides, and maybe a dessert.


Pizza and store bought cookies work too!


On your scheduled day, the supervisor will arrive to unlock the Community Cafe kitchen around 4:30.

You can carry in your meal (crockpots and roaster pans are common) and finish any last minute preparations of the food. There are two ovens and two stove tops available. 


A few minutes before 5:00, we form an assembly line to fill to-go containers and plates.
The dining room is open and patrons are welcome to stay and enjoy their meal inside.


After we finish serving, the Cafe students can help you with cleanup: washing dishes, wiping counters and cleaning the dining room.




Q: How many do you serve?


A: The numbers fluctuate but are usually between 90-130. Check our                      for the most recent numbers.



Q: Do you have condiments, spices, or oils to use in the kitchen?


A: Not usually. Please bring all food and groceries needed to serve your meal.



Q: Can we get in the kitchen early?


A: Please contact the Student Leader or Supervisor if you need to arrive before 4:30 and we will try our best. Especially during the school year, it will not be possible for the students to meet you before 4:00.



Q: Do I need to bring tableware?


A: Your choice! The Cafe has to-go containers, plates, silverware, cups, etc. needed for the meal, but it is also great if you bring your own. 


We do not have bowls with lids though, so please provide those items if needed. 


We will also gladly take donations of the items listed above. If you are interested in donating please contact the Cafe Supervisor or check out our Amazon Wish List!


Q: How can we cut costs?

A: Heart of America ReDistribution may have food available to donate to your organization/agency for a Community Cafe meal. Call 660.287.0207 to see if they can help your group out!

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