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Thank you!

The Community Cafe is a non-profit organization dependent on committed volunteers and the generous donations from our supporters. We couldn't do it without you!




Reserve an available date on the              then plan, buy, and prepare the meal.

Some groups serve every month,  some every other month, and some just contact us with dates that work for them! Any help is appreciated.


We'll pick up the food - you simply finance it.

You could also choose to serve your prepared meal to the guests. Or not. We're flexible!

More details on

Every little bit counts.

Your donations help us purchase the supplies and groceries needed to make the best experience we can provide for our patrons.



How to Donate:

1 / PayPal

2 / Amazon Wish List

We have a Wish List with our most needed items!

You can ship product directly to Corie Hickman.



Or copy link:

3 / Write a check

You can mail a check made payable to Community Cafe:

David Rhoads

29971 Beaman Road

Smithton, MO 65350


Sponsor a Night

This is a new concept and a work in progress. The goal is to provide options of several local restaurants/caterers for you to choose that have a pre-established "Community Cafe Order". Then we will pick it up and serve it for you!


Or you are welcome to serve the meal yourself and only need to show up with a smile.


Our current option is Little Caesars' pizza for $150.


You'll get your name on the board and a post on social media!


Let us know if you are interested or have other options and suggestions for us!


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